10 Verses to Calm Your Daughter’s Back-to-School Anxiety

Going back to school can be difficult!

    • “I’m worried about my new classes and that the homework will be too hard for me.”
    • “I’m scared I won’t get the teacher I want or be in a class with any of my friends.”
    • “I’m nervous kids will make fun of me because of my dyslexia.”
    • “I’m anxious that I won’t fit in or be included with the popular girls.”


Does any of this sound familiar? Before your daughter(s) head back-to-school this month, set aside a specpial time together to arm them with spiritual truth. We’ve made this easy! Download the following verses and read them together. God’s promises will help them understand that Jesus is always there for them. Not only does He understand what they are going through, but when they choose to put their trust in Him, He will comfort them in their fears and give them His peace that surpasses all understanding.



Instead of carrying a backpack of burdens (filled with anxiety, worry, insecurity, and stress) into the first day of school, cover your girls in Scripture so they will walk confidently into the halls with hearts and minds that are guarded in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:7).


  • Cut the verses out and tape them to your daughter’s mirror in her room or bathroom.
  • Put them in her lunch box or tape them inside one of her school books. 
  • Memorize the verses together and “quiz” each other during the week.



Looking for more ways to encourage a young girl who struggles with anxiety? Grab a copy of our one-year devotional book, Awake My Soul. It’s packed with easy-to-read and relatable devotions that will speak right to her heart and equip her with God’s truth!

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