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Key Verse: Genesis 25-27


Key Message: The dangers of jealousy


The In and Out Cafe Bible Art Camp is everything you need to a put on a week-long VBS or art camp for teen/tween girls. It includes five Bible study lessons, five art projects, a leader’s guide and sample schedules. All you will need outside of this digital download is a booklet for each attending girl. The Bible study, based on Genesis 25-27, takes a closer look at JEALOUSY while exploring the life and experiences of Isaac, Rebekah, Esau, and Jacob. Each lesson focuses on two concepts: An order in and an opposite take-out.


We will ORDER IN Jealousy, Lying, Quarreling, Deceit, and Revenge and TAKE OUT Peace, Trust, Blessing, Truth, and Forgiveness. The order-in is a result of jealousy while the take-out is what we receive when we trust in God’s truth. Each lesson will also add a slice to the “Jealousy Pie Menu” teaching us volumes about the danger of jealousy. For example: Jealousy blinds us from making good choices.


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The In and Out Cafe VBS/ART CAMP includes:


1. Digital Download Leader’s Guide:

• Lesson overviews with preparation and location ideas

• Scripture memory cards

• Food and drink suggestions

• Planning calendar

• Optional “BaNannie Shake” videos for each lesson

• Resources/ Ice Breaker games and questions

• Song suggestions to download • Graphics and Promotional material/ Sample postcard, Logo page, Parental Consent forms, T-Shirt order forms, CD Label template


2. One Student Booklet (16-page PDF Digital Download):

• © ThouArtExalted 2015: This booklet is not to be reproduced or copied without permission. This digital download is strictly for the leader’s preparation. Booklets are available for individual purchase and designed and priced for one copy per student. Additional copies are available in the ThouArtExalted Shop.


3. Five Art Projects with Detailed Instructions

Peaceable Heart Block, The Wisdom Shake, Tree of Light Night Light, Be Free Bird, and Five Hearts


4. Sample Schedules, Art Supplies List, and Templates

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Check out lesson one’s “order in” of jealousy and how Annie uses the lives of Jacob and Esau from the Bible to guide tween/teen girls in their “take out” of peace.


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