Journal with Me (6 Lessons) Digital PDF



Key Verse: Philippians 4:4-9
Key Message: Mother/Daughter Devotional


This product is a digital download*. JOURNAL with ME is a Bible study/Devotional for mothers with preteen and teenage daughters. The study focuses on six verses in Philippians designed for you to grow deeper in God’s Word and deeper in your relationship together. A single JOURNAL with ME workbook is shared between a mother and daughter and passed back and forth during the week to answer the devotional questions. Whether you choose to use the study weekly or every two-weeks, each lesson will focus on one verse.
Here’s how it works:
1. Find a favorite place and time to meet and allow at least 30 minutes. Complete the lesson and answer the questions together.
2. Between lessons, pass the journal back and forth to answer the journal questions.
3. Each session is divided into five lessons, including your time together. This is a special time to write down your thoughts and begin building a lifelong relationship together.
4. Each lesson includes one of the following: a challenge, a memory verse, an art project, or a service idea to experience together.
5. Meet again at your “special spot” after completion of the lesson and begin again.


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Cultivate closeness with your tween/teen daughter with our best-selling study, Journal With Me, designed to help mothers and daughters grow deeper in God’s Word and deeper in their relationship together.


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