Planted Workbook (10 Lessons)

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Key Verse: Psalm 1:1-3
Key Message:Sit, Stand, and Walk with Jesus


PLANTED is a ten-week Bible study that teaches women the importance of taking time out of our busy lives just to SIT with God. As we study Psalm 1:1-3, we will be reminded to STAND on the promises in Scripture. We will learn what it means to be transformed by Christ as we WALK with Him during days of joy and in moments of sorrow. We will find that He is always there to meet us. PLANTED is divided into three sections—sitting, standing, and walking with Jesus. We have to SIT in God’s presence in order to STAND on His promises, and be able to WALK in His purposes. Each week includes five daily discussions.
You will learn:
• That you are PURPOSELY PLANTED by God.
• What it looks like to SIT at the feet of Jesus—being PATIENT, PRAYERFUL, and full of PRAISE.
• How your FRUIT will be abundant and your life will be PROSPEROUS when you WALK with God everyday.


PLANTED is about moving us in the right direction. It’s about giving up control and letting God PLANT us where we need to be—so we can grow UP into the strong tree described in Psalm 1:2-3. When our roots are deeply PLANTED into fellowship, love, grace, and the Word of God, we can’t help but become a beautiful strong tree with purpose. Our leaves will not wither under the stresses and storms of life, our fruit will be abundant, and our lives will prosper. It’s a promise on which we can stand.
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Take a look at how Annie uses the imagery in Psalm 1 to teach women how to sit, stand and walk with Jesus.


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