Riding Tandem for Girls (12 Lessons)

Riding Tandem for Girls


Key Verse: Proverbs 3:5-6
Key Message: Let go of control and trust in God


Riding Tandem: Leaning into the Leading of God for GIRLS is a 12-week Bible study filled with art, fun, and surprises! It’s about an authentic, one-on-one relationship with God. It’s about learning our position on the back of the bike and trusting God with the front steering. Our personal relationship with God is built for two. He is the Captain and we must learn to lean into His leading, pedal forward, and trust Him with the directions.
Riding Tandem will teach us that while our final destination is heaven, our destiny on earth has purpose. It’s an exciting adventure! We are not just along for the ride. God wants us to live an abundant life fully surrendered to His leading. Riding Tandem with Jesus is letting go of the handlebars and experiencing His power as we pedal. Everyday.


Using the imagery of the tandem bicycle, Riding Tandem is divided into 12 chapters using the acronym T-A-N-D-E-M to take us through our lessons:


T-ime for Takeoff
N-ecessary Stops
D-on’t Stop Peddling
E-njoy the Ride
M-ark the Moments


Also included are extra journal questions to complete in between each lesson intended for girls to develop a deeper one-on-one relationship with Jesus. Each lesson begins with ice breaker questions followed by a review of journal questions. Next, you will dive into the main lesson and close with prayer requests. Each lesson also has a FUN surprise ~ either an art project, recipe, memory cards, or service idea. I believe the purpose of a small group is to have fellowship with one another, laugh, and grow in the knowledge of God’s Word.
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Take Riding Tandem on a test ride and see for yourself some of the ways God wants us to surrender control and trust in Him.


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