Project 2911 for Boys
Small Group Study


Key Verse: 1 Chronicles 29:11

Key Message: Using our Gifts to Glorify God

Project 2911 is a small group Bible study for pre-teen and teen boys with one art project. Project 2911 explores passages from the Bible that are either from Chapter 29:11 or Chapter 2:9-11. Through a trash to treasure theme, boys will discover that God has given them AMAZING gifts that they need to give BACK to Him!


While Project 2911 is not a secret code that God wants us to unlock, the verses we will study point to the gifts God has generously given to us. He wants us to “recycle” these gifts and give them back to Him. It’s a new way to UPcycle! We are giving BACK our talents so God can be worshiped, praised, and glorified. He is the only One that gets the credit and our thanksgiving.


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Check out our first lesson as it describes how King David is our example to trash the urges to grasp tightly and turn them into generous giving.


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