ThouArtExalted App Featuring Awake My Soul Devotional

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Did you know there are 260 weekdays in a year and 260 chapters in the New Testament? The ThouArtExalted Ministries App features our Awake My Soul Daily Devotions, written by a TEAM OF 21 WOMEN, that guides you through the New Testament in one year! The app also provides many resources for women and tween/teen girls and provides access to:


• Read the New Testament in one year
• 260 encouraging daily devotionals
• Monthly access to Bible reading plans
• Graphic Images for each devotional
• Creative art projects
• Information on ThouArtExalted and more


Available in Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore as “ThouArtExalted Ministries.”


Beautifully designed and written, our devotional speaks straight to the heart of teen/tween girls. We put together a sample of six of our favorite devotions and graphics so that you can see for yourself.


Need help keeping track of your reading through the New Testament?
We have the perfect resource to help, and it’s FREE! With beautiful designs and a checkbox for each day, our new monthly reading plan makes your daily Bible reading easy and fun.
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