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A Seed to Sow (5 Lessons)


Key Verse: Luke 8:1-15
Key Message: Slowing Down in a Busy World


A Seed to Sow is a small group study for tween/ teen girls with one art project that explores the Parable of the Sower in Luke 8:1-15. Each lesson looks at a fungus and an opposite fertilizer. The fungus represents ALL that takes their hearts and minds away from God while the fertilizer is the active ingredient that keeps their hearts and minds focused on God. A Seed to Sow will give girls the gardening tools they need to prepare the soil of their hearts to receive God’s Word.

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• Girls will be equipped with creative tools to receive and remember God’s Word
• Girls will be challenged to dig their roots deep into Scripture to find strength and direction
• Girls will learn that there are many “fungi” that try to counteract the power of God’s love, but nothing can be uprooted when they believe in Jesus Christ
• Girls will understand the importance of an everyday connection to the Living Water along with the skills to battle an enemy that seeks to steal their focus on Christ
• The Planted Journal is the art project that is included in the back of this booklet. Art instructions and supplies are listed. The journal serves as a creative reminder that the seed of God’s Word needs to be planted in our hearts.


© ThouArtExalted 2014: This booklet is not to be reproduced or copied without permission; it is designed and priced for one copy per student.
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