The Perfect Present Leader’s Guide (VBS/Art Camp)

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Key Verse: James 1:17
Key Message: Unwrapping the Gospel Message
The Perfect Present Bible Art Camp is everything you need to a put on a week-long VBS or art camp for teen/tween girls. It includes five Bible study lessons, five art projects, a leader’s guide and sample schedules. All you will need outside of this digital download is a booklet for each attending girl. The Bible study, based on James 1:17, studies the acrostic G.I.F.T. each day.

Using a GIFT theme, girls will unwrap the presents of: Who God is, Why God created them, What Sin is, Who Jesus is, and the GIFT of the Holy Spirit. Evangelical in approach, The Perfect Present identifies the simplicity of the gospel message. God is great and infinite. We are His children and designed as a masterpiece. Sin is guaranteed and false. Jesus is with us and offers forgiveness. The Holy Spirit is our instructor and teacher. Once we accept the perfect present of Jesus, we will be filled with His perfect presence forever.


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The Perfect Present Leader’s Guide (VBS/ART CAMP) includes:


1. Digital Download Leader’s Guide:

• Lesson overviews with preparation and location ideas

• Scripture memory cards

• Planning calendar

• Resources/ Ice Breaker games and questions

• Spotify Playlist

• Dance Video

• Graphics and Promotional material/ Sample postcard, Logo page, Parental Consent forms, and T-Shirt order forms


2. Five Art Projects with Detailed Instructions

Showers of Compassion Umbrella, You are His Masterpiece Canvas, Collage Glass Plate, Broken Pottery Cross, and Fruit of the Spirit Gum Ball Machine


3. Sample Schedules, Art Supplies List, and Templates


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Learn more about the perfect present found in Jesus as this study dives into the “G.I.F.T.” He offers for all who believe in Him.


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