Watercolor Cards for any Special Occasion!

Have you ever needed a special gift to give to your grandparent, teacher, or friend?

Look no longer—we have the PERFECT gift!
Children’s art is ALWAYS a HOLE IN ONE!  And, this is a special one!  Follow these art directions and you are sure to have the “PERFECT, ORIGINAL, MADE WITH LOVE” gift!

First, set up your “art station” with paper towels, a glass of water, watercolor paints (we used my daughter princess’ set!), watercolor paper, pencil, paint, brushes, scissors, envelopes, ribbon, and of course, a still life! We used a beautiful camelia from our yard!


Fold your watercolor paper to make “stationary” that will slide into the envelopes that you have. Lightly pencil sketch your still life onto your watercolor paper and begin to paint your image.


Give the paint plenty of time to dry. Don’t forget to sign your name!


Fold them up, place the envelopes behind the cards and secure them with a ribbon! There you have it! Homemade, beautiful watercolor cards that ANYONE would enjoy!

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