Paper Collage

Recently, I was on Pinterest and just HAD to try this art project!
WARNING: This craft is NOT for the light hearted. I was inspired the MINUTE I got the Christmas Pottery Barn Catalog. I fell in love with the front cover and used this picture as the foundation of my collage.
Here are the results!

First Step. Find a great picture with a simple shape and lots of color. Next, glue the picutre to a heavier paper for strength. I used a heavy watercolor paper. Third, coil colored paper to match the colors on the picture and glue them down. I used hot glue. Also, look for found objects such as corks, pipe cleaners, buttons, and green straws.

Fourth step: Keep coiling, rolling, and hot glueing! This takes lots of patience. Take a break to stretch!

Keep adding coordinating paper to match the color of the picture. It's tedious...KEEP GOING!

Finished product! It was worth it! I love it and now just need to figure out how to frame it!


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