Summer Hatastic Idea!

This is an EASY and inexpensive summer craft! You can either cut out different sizes of felt hearts and stitch them on with a variety of colored thread or you can opt for a batik look! For the batik idea ~ I bought the baseball cap from Walmart. First, I drew my pattern on a piece of paper that I wanted to transfer to my hat. Once you have your design, use the glue as your pen and “paint” your pattern onto the bill of the cap. Don’t worry if the glue seems to be dripping off, this will give your hat that batik look!

Step 1: Using Elmers Blue Gel Glue, Outline your design using the glue as a "pencil". Let dry completely.

Step 2. Paint over the glue using acrylic paint. I watered the paint down a bit to look like a water color.

Step 3. Rinse off the glue under warm water. I used a sponge to scrape off the remaining glue.

This method will also work great on t-shirts, pillow cases, canvas bags, and more. Have a Hatastic TIME making your summer hats!

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