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BRAVE is finally for SALE online!
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What is BRAVE? 
Brave is BIBLE/ ART BASED Curriculum that uncovers what it means for PreTeens to be BRAVE in God’s eyes.
BRAVE can be used as a 5 day camp, a 5 week series, or a 10 week curriculum. The lessons are adjustable to meet the needs of your Church, Homeschool Group, or Small Group.
BRAVE’s detergent-themed lessons explore five characters in the Bible who resisted the stains of everyday life with the antiseptic POWER of God. BRAVE looks at Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, Peter, Esther, David, and Jesus. The study takes on a “detergent” theme where each session identifies “stains” in our lives such as idolism, distraction, control, discouragement, and being overwhelmed. Each session also identifies a cleaning agent or “antiseptic” for each stain that includes trusting in God’s plan, focusing on Jesus, being obedient to His call, speaking the truth, and prayer!
BRAVE ends with the promise that Jesus’ death on the cross and his payment for our sin is the PERFECT DETERGENT to wash the stain of sin away! It is only with a personal belief and commitment to Jesus that we learn He is the only one who makes us “stain-free” and BRAVE! Each session will give the girls an opportunity to create original art using paint, collage, beading, and accessories.
The girls also learn a dance, play games, and ad-lib skits. These art forms are designed to encourage and reinforce each day of study.
Please join me on the pages of BRAVE where we are strengthened by faith in God!
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