FOR SALE: James Bible Study for Middle School Boys

James: Following God’s Road Signs for Middle School Boys! 

James: Following God’s Road Signs is a 27-week Bible Study on the book of James for Middle School Boys and is written to encourage and deepen their faith. Let’s face it, Middle School is not easy. God gives us INSTRUCTIONS for life, but often we choose to drive our OWN way—finding ourselves on dead-end streets and making U-turns. We need a road map that will guide us in the right direction. Following God’s Road Signs teaches us to put our FAITH INTO ACTION by stopping, looking at God’s map, and asking HIM for directions.
This product is a Digital DOWNLOAD* and includes the following resources:

  •  27 Exciting Bible Lessons with 4 Creative Art Projects for Middle School Boys
  • Dig-Deep Discussion Questions (Back Road Drivin’ and Additional Sightseeing)
  • Easy PDF Downloads
  • Permission to make Multiple Copies for Each Student.  

*DOWNLOAD DETAILS: Upon checkout, you will receive an email with a link to download the product. Download it immediately. This link will ONLY be active for SEVEN DAYS.
*SAMPLE BOOKLETClick here to look at the SAMPLE BOOK!!
*SAMPLE STUDY: Click here for Stop and Ask for Directions ( James 1:5-8)
*SMALL GROUPS: This study is PERFECT for:

  • Homeschool Groups
  • Middle School Youth Groups
  • Young Life Campaigner’s Groups
  • Discipleship Small Groups

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