The Perfect Father's Day Gift-Hot Meals on Wheels!

Do you need a simple, affordable, and awesome idea to give to your father this year? Check out these Salt and Pepper Cars and ZIP the seasonings across the table. They are so easy and cost under 11$ (depending if you have E6000 handy!)

Art Supplies:

photo 1

  •  2 Hot Wheels Cars ($1.25 at Dollar General/ make sure the tops are relatively flat)
  • Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers ($1.50 at Dollar General)
  • Salt and Pepper ($1.00 at Dollar General)
  • E6000 Glue (Can buy at Walmart for $5.07)
  • GRAND TOTAL: $10.07

Art Instructions:

photo 2

Step One: Fill your salt and pepper shakers with salt and pepper.

photo 3

Step Two: Put a dap of E6000 glue to the top of your car.

photo 4

Step Three: Make sure you hold down your shaker to your car for at least one minute. You might have to re-position if it moves.

photo 5

Step Four: Let the shakers dry overnight and you are ready to drive . . . I mean eat!

HOT MEALS ON WHEELS are driving your way~
Annie 🙂
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