Morning Prayer "How-To" Instructional


I have had so much response on The Morning Prayer, I wanted to show YOU how I made the frame! This is SO EASY, inexpensive, and A GREAT GIFT idea!
I made this frame for my daughter, Winnie.

  • 8 x 10 lucite frame from the Dollar Tree
  • Print out MORNING PRAYER
  • Scrapbook Paper (I used On Trend Paper, found at Michaels)
  • Glue Gun, Clear Glue Stick
  • Elmers Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Buttons
  • Ribbon, Fabric
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue Dot (optional)

1. Print out The Morning Prayer PDF and select two pieces of scrapbooking paper to serve as a matte for your frame. Because I made this for my daughter, I choose colors that would match her room.
2. Take out the paper in the frame and use as a guide to trace your scrapbook paper. It will be the full size of the frame. TIP: Trace with pencil so you can erase any lines or trace on backside of paper. Cut out the scrapbook paper.

IMG_1321 Step Two.

3. Using a ruler, cut off the sides of your Morning Prayer. You want to have room for your scrapbook paper to be the border.

Step Three.
Step Three. Step Three.

4. Glue prayer onto your scrapbook paper using an Elmers glue stick. Make sure ALL your edges are nice and tightly glued down. I also cut out an extra border of scrapbook paper to give it dimension.

IMG_1326 Step Four.

5. Once your paper is glued down, slip it into the frame.
6. Now is the fun part! My scrapbook paper (On Trend Paper, found at Michaels) came with paper tags. Cut out your tag, write a personal note, and attach it to a material flower. For the flower, I used a scrap of fabric (1″ x 12″) and coiled it up leaving a “kite tail” to tie my tag. Tip: Using hot glue, dab some glue while you are coiling so the flower will stay in place. Glue your flower to the acrylic frame with hot glue. If it does not stick, use a couple of glue dots. Use the tail to tie your tag and let it hang down onto the frame. In addition, I also glued three buttons to the bottom right side of my frame.

IMG_1332 Step Six.

7. The last part is cutting out the Scripture references, bordering them with scrapbook paper using your Elmers glue stick, and slipping them into the back of your frame.

IMG_1329 Step Seven.

8. With your finished Morning Prayer, please send me a picture! I would love to see your artistic touch!
I hope you have had lots of fun being creative, but more importantly, placing this prayer where you will see it and READ it everyday!
Annie 🙂


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