If You Give Your 18-Year-Old Son the Spare Keys to His Sister’s Car

Have you ever read the book: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? I’m calling this post: If You Give Your 18-Year-Old Son the Spare Keys to His Sister’s Car.
Follow along.
If you give your 18-year-old son the spare keys to his sister’s car, chances are he’s going to misplace them.

And if he misplaces them, chances are your daughter can’t take her car to her new school, Auburn, to start her junior year.
And if your daughter can’t take her car, chances are you have to drive her.
And if you have to drive her, chances are your prayers are answered because she can catch up on the well-needed sleep after three months working in Wyoming.
And if your prayers are answered, chances are you will gladly buy dinner for the boys who help you unload the car full of apartment belongings.
And if you get to the restaurant to discover your credit card is missing, chances are you look between the seats to see if it has fallen between the cracks.
And if you don’t see your credit card, chances are you DISCOVER the spare key that was missing all along.
And if you discover the spare key, your son is forgiven and your 15-year-old can learn to drive stick shift because her sister’s car is still in your driveway.
Oh, how this was a lesson for me to trust in God and believe in my kids! An opportunity to confirm that God listens to my unspoken prayers and can switch me from a “chances are” mentality to a “God allows” for a purpose kind of truth. God knew where those keys were all along. He also knew ALL that had to be accomplished before I found them.
I had to trust.
Daley had to be flexible.
Winnie got to take her first stab at stick-shift driving.
And Curry had to quickly pray how to raise enough money for a tow-truck and a factory key to be remade.
We all came out on the bright-side as they say. Brighter and more trustworthy of God who teaches us good, applicable life lessons and knows the exact location of all spare keys (and credit cards!).
Psalm 28:7 “The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.” (NLT)
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