Impulsive Decisions

Sometimes we make the wrong decision simply because we are in a hurry, or impatient, or we really, really, really have to have something ~ RIGHT NOW! I have to admit, I have made not-so-good choices because I was too impatient to wait on God’s perfect timing. I’m not saying that all quick choices are wrong, but I do believe we need to stop and think about where each decision will take us. Read this short devotional about Esau’s quick choice. Prayfully, his story will teach us to stop and ask God for wisdom. Good advice.
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1. How can hasty decisions blind us from making good decisions? When has an impulsive choice gotten you into a mess? How could have stopping and asking God for wisdom have changed the outcome?
2. James 1:5-6 tells us that God gives wisdom generously to those who ask and believe. When was the last time you asked God for wisdom?
3. How are you going to remember the story of Esau this week? How are you going to stop before you make an impulsive decision and ask God for wisdom?
Dear Lord, help me today to stop and ask You for wisdom. I am a quick reactor. I’m not really into lentil soup, but I can make poor choices when I see the immediate gratification and not the long term consequence. Just because the quick choice might make me feel good momentarily, it might not be the best decision. Help! Teach me to call out for Your insight and for Your understanding. Give me eyes to see when I need to stop and be patient. You promise to give me Your wisdom, and I need it today. Amen.

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