The Master Choreographer

17038736_1708460892501190_6810893586348223443_oMy uncle took this picture of my daughter, Winnie yesterday. When I saw the way he captured the light, it reminded me of this:
Learning Scripture is like learning the choreography to a beautiful dance. We are to imitate the moves of the Teacher and watch the way He dances. This takes time and discipline. We can’t just step out on the stage of life without knowing, learning, listening to, and watching the Master Choreographer. We have to practice so that when we are called to dance, we know the steps. In ballet, we are told to dance “full-out.” I think this can apply to our lives, as well. Because we have placed full trust in the choreography, we can dance FULL OUT and E-njoy the Ride. We don’t even have to worry about forgetting the steps as long as we are following the script of the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit will remind us of the steps just when we need them. Your dance is choreographed with an established purpose and inspired with passion and love. Without further a-do, I believe the curtain is rising.

Dear Jesus, thank You for being our Master Choreographer. You have established our steps with purpose. You have gone before us to prepare the way so that we don’t have to worry about what is ahead. You are in charge of the choreography. Our job is to learn the steps of Scripture so we can dance FULL-OUT with passion and love. I pray our dance would inspire and touch the lives of others so they, too, will want to know the Maker of our dance. Amen.
Excerpt from: Riding Tandem, E-njoy the Ride/Annie Pajcic
Riding Tandem is a six-week women’s Bible Study releasing March 15th. Learn more about this tandem journey with Jesus here:
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