Artist Spotlight: Mary Annis, Hand Lettering + Fine Art

I’m so excited to introduce you to today’s Artist Spotlight: Mary Annis Veazey. Not only is Mary Annis an incredibly talented calligrapher and fine artist, but she’s also my niece!


A graduate from the University of Alabama, Mary Annis lives in Austin with her husband, Brooks, and is currently teaching watercolor lessons, wine glass painting, and is an Art Coordinator for Steel City Pops (a must stop for our family whenever we’re in Texas!). Mary Annis has illustrated some of the coolest chalkboard designs for Steel City Pops that display vending info, pop dipping info, and featured flavors. She’s also designed a number of murals that go inside all their stores (see below). Not to mention, Mary Annis even painted the Steel City Pops Kiosk at my alma mater, SMU, in Dallas! (Go Mustangs!)

This past Easter, she was commissioned to paint five paintings for her old church in Ft. Worth, Texas. They captured Mary Annis using her gifts for God’s glory in the most beautiful and moving film. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch the video of her paintings come to life. Click here to watch.

To check out more of Mary Annis’ work or to shop her products, visit her website at:

I love you and am so proud of you, Mary Annis!

—(Aunt) Annie



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