3 Ways to Help Your Daughter Read the Bible Every Day

If you have a daughter between the ages of 10 and 17, she’s the perfect age to develop a habit of reading God’s Word! She’s also at the age where struggles are real and guidance is needed to navigate those difficult tween/teen years. Here are 3 ways you can encourage her to love God’s Word and seek His wisdom on a daily basis:
1. Make sure she has her own Bible:  There’s something so special about having your own copy of God’s Word! If she does not have her own Bible yet, consider buying one today. Or, if she’s a girl who enjoys being on her smartphone, encourage her to download our FREE Awake My Soul Devotional App. Not only does it provide an entire copy of the Bible, but it also features short, easy-to-read devotionals that cover relatable topics and meet tweens and teens right where they are.
2. Help her know where to start reading: We think the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) are a great place for young readers to start. We are currently reading through the entire New Testament, starting with the book of Matthew, on our free Awake My Soul Devotional App (also available as a hardcover book), and would love for you to join us there. If you choose to follow our Awake My Soul reading plan, after one year your daughter will have read through the entire New Testament!
3. Read with her: You can hold each other accountable and ask each other questions. if you’d like to follow the New Testament reading plan in our free Awake My Soul Devotional App, we’ve created this printable calendar for you and your daughters to tuck into your Bibles for easy reference as you spend time reading and reflecting every day. Each month, you get an updated guide that will carry you though the month’s readings – Matthew to Revelation. You both can check the boxes once you’ve completed that day’s reading to help you stay on track. By dividing the New Testament into 260 weekday readings, we’ve made it super easy for your daughter to read God’s Word every day!
To help your daughter get on track AND make it fun, Annie has developed this gorgeously designed, FREE printable reading plan. Full of color, including boxes to check off each day, your daughter will enjoy her daily reading. Enter your information below to download or print the January/February reading plan, and before the start of each month, we will email an updated guide to carry you through that month’s readings. No spam, unsubscribe anytime.

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