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I’ve been up since 3:45 am. I’m flying to be with some of my favorite people. Ever. @theopendoorsisterhood.

I’m flying from Florida to Washington State because friends do that for each other. They travel long distances for real hugs, renewal, and conversation. (And bring ART projects????)

Yesterday, I made a new friend – Wren Robbins. I recorded for her podcast called @friendsofafeatherpodcast.

Wren’s podcast is a place where friends can be encouraged in their walk with Jesus. Her goal is for women to feel seen by God, to feel encouraged in their daily life, and be spurred on to honor Him with the gifts and talents He has given.

I could have talked to Wren for hours! Our conversation reminded me that friendship is one of the GREATEST GIFTS God gives us. And friendship starts with questions.

When was the last time you sat with a friend and just asked questions – meaningful and thoughtful questions? These were some of Wren’s questions …

* What are the gifts God has given you and how are you were using them?
* How did you meet your husband?
* Were you always artistic, creative?
* How did/do you teach the Scripture to your children?
* When did you become a Christian?
* How did you step into ministry?
* What was the hardest Bible study to write?
* Tell us about TAE and its challenges. How do see God working?
* What are some struggles you’ve just or are going through?
* How have you seen God‘s hand in you life over the past several months? What is He teaching you?
* What are you reading?
* How can I pray for you?

Love the last one …

How do you spend quality time with your FRIENDS? What a challenge!

Sometimes, a least for me, my life can get so hectic that I do not carve out special time for friends. But we are missing out on God’s gift to us!

Let’s start today and sit with a friend. And ask questions – Lots of questions! I’m about to get a whole weekend full and I can hardly get there fast enough.

The podcast will air tomorrow, Friday, February 22. I hope you tune in. I can’t wait to hear it again. Mostly to revisit my time with my new friend, Wren – a true delight.

To know more about Wren or Friends of a Feather Podcast, go to…

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