PLANTED wins Book of the Year Award!


With JOY and gratitude for the Lord’s goodness, I am pleased to announce that PLANTED won the Book of the Year Award AND the Non-Fiction category for CLASSeminars! CLASSeminars, Inc. trains Christian communicators around the globe. Founded by Florence Littauer, CLASSeminars cultivates, coaches, equips, and encourages leaders, authors, and speakers committed to living and serving with excellence. I went to Ghost Ranch in 2010 and attended my first writing seminar where I presented BRAVE ~ my tween “Art-Camp” Curriculum to potential agents and publishing houses. I am so glad I did!
Have you ever had this thought? What do you do when you are in the cycle of believing an agent won’t look at your book unless you have had something previously published, and a publishing house won’t look at your book unless you have an agent? I recommend CLASSeminars to all authors and speakers! The week was invaluable. I not only made everlasting friendships (meet the “three enchiladas” pictured below!), but also met with agents, publishing houses, and made connections that are still vital stepping stones today (Vonda Skelton, Jesse Florea, Doreen Hannah). I loved the personal touch of one on one connection with teachers and staff. Pam Farrel was my personal coach all week. There was morning worship, daily breakout groups, and Bruce Wilkinson was the keynote speaker. Small classroom environments lended you to ask real questions with out being overwhelmed with the daunting field of traditional publishing. Being a rookie, CLASSeminars held my hand and launched me with confidence into the world of writing and speaking. I am forever grateful.
I am honored to receive this award. And, I am looking forward to attending the next CLASSeminar in October! After all . . . I have a new book idea!



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