Top 10 Resolutions ~ Happy New Year 2014!


As I was SITTING with the Lord this morning, reading Psalm 105:1-5, it became very clear to me what my TOP 10 New Year’s Resolutions are for this year.
• PRAISE HIM first . . . before beginning your day.
• PROCLAIM HIS name . . . before proclaiming yours.
• Make KNOWN what HE has done . . . before telling others what you have done.
• SING praise to HIM . . . before uttering a word.
• Tell of HIS wonderful acts . . . before bragging about your own.
• GLORY in His name . . . before trusting in others.
• REJOICE  in HIM . . . before comparing, controlling, or complaining.
• LOOK to HIS Strength . . . before depending on yours.
• SEEK HIS face always . . . before getting swamped in the worries of today.
• REMEMBER the wonders HE has done . . . before forgetting and write them down.
Why do we look anywhere else for resolutions? When we seek the Lord first, all shall be added unto us. I pray this year, my relationship with the Lord grows deeper and more dependent on Him. How about you?
Lord, we give You all the PRAISE for this New Year. Thank You, that we have can PRAISE Your name and convict us when we start trusting in our own strength. I pray we would follow You wholeheartedly, through and through, with our mind, soul, spirit, and strength. I pray we would make YOUR Glory known, trust in Your direction, and sing of Your miracles and wonder in our lives. We rejoice in You, always.We seek Your face and Your strength. You are the Mighty Lord. We pray You would be the center of who we are and use us for the advancement of Your Kingdom. We invite you to do something NEW in our lives today! I pray You would stretch us to follow You in new ways, get us out of our “comfort zones” to worship You and make You known. Use us, your children, and the gifts You have given to us to tell about how wonderful and marvelous You are. Amen! Happy New Year ~ 2014. 

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  • Joani
    Posted at 15:29h, 02 January Reply

    These are great resolutions, Annie! Thank you for sharing.

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